I. Warranty period:

– Warranty period all of UBC TV televisions is 24 months from the date of purchase and shall not exceed 30 months from the date of manufacture.

– The purchase date is the date the customer activation electronics warranty.

II. Electronic warranty:

– To enjoy the full warranty benefits, customers please register warranty within 14 days after buying the machine in one of the forms below.

– The warranty does not register on time regulations may affect your warranty rights client later.

– Register via SMS to 8055 (1,000 VND / SMS)

Syntax message: UBCTV_<the number of product>

In it:

  • _: spacing
  • The number of product:  Imei series paste on product, warranty card, carton, ..

For example: Imei series number is 1234567890ABC, your content of message will be:  UBCTV 1234567890ABC

 III. Free warranty conditions:

– Genuine TVs with brands are distributed nationwide.

– The TV is damaged due to the manufacturer’s technical fault

– The TV has a warranty period

– Stamps, warranty coupons remain intact, not torn, erased …

– Model name, Serial number on warranty card is the same as Model name, serial number on TV

– Products that do not belong to the group refuse warranty provided in Section IV

IV. Refuse warranty:

Refuse to provide free television warranty with the following cases:

– Violation of warranty conditions in Section III. above

– The damaged TV is not due to the manufacturer’s fault but due to objective reasons (flood, lightning, fire …), user error (fall, break, deformation …)

– Use the wrong voltage indicated

– Installing and using TV incorrectly leads to trouble

– TVs are changed or repaired at places not designated by the company