About UBC Factory

Incorporating the technology era 4.0, UBC Vietnam has expanded our production and business scale to the TV industry. Creating LED TV & Smart TV to provide for Vietnamese customers.

UBC TV ‘s investment scale reached more than 100 billion Vietnam dongs. The company has factory located in Cu Chi industrial parks, with a total area of 12 thousand square meters and more than 300 employees. Our factory is invested in modern machinery and imported directly from abroad. The production process achieves ISO 9001-2008 quality standards certified by the British NQA.

UBC increased the localization rate of products by more than 40% thanks to the factory capable of finishing production including the camera body & chassis (iron frame & metal frame). UBC TV boards are specifically designed by experienced R&D engineers and manufactured by imported SMT lines by brands from Korea.

In addition, UBC also directly imports liquid crystal displays & some other components from leading brands from Korea, Taiwan & China. Ensure the displayed image is best displayed with the highest durability.

With the proper investment, modern machinery and the team of engineers who were trained by abroad experts. With foreign experts, UBC TV is striving to become one of Vietnam leading electronic brands to create advantages when competing with enormous brands.

Producing about UBC Viet Nam Company

The vision of UBC Viet Nam

Becoming the Vietnamese leading brand in the manufacturing and trading products of electronic technology equipment, electrical appliances.

Missions of UBC Viet Nam

Providing technology products with “Quality and Optimization” for the needs of Vietnamese consumers.

Core values of UBC TV

– Reputation Brand. Prestige in all stages of our customer services from manufacturing to distribution and sales programs.
– Superior quality. Bring superior quality, matching the price and expectations to the most demanding customers.
– Optimizing our technology. Providing modern technology, but easy to use and suitable for all users.

The capacity of UBC Viet Nam

– The distribution system – More than 2,000 agents throughout the country
– Warranty system – More than 200 authorized warranty stations nationwide and still expanding.

Producing about UBC Viet Nam Company

Quality breakthrough from UBC TV – The pinnacle of Smart TV

Although located in the widespread TV segment, but the elaborate design and usability in every function of this TV line will give you a completely new experience.

Variety of products

Understanding the needs of customers, UBC launches wide range size and type of products that suitable for space and design of your home.
The UBC TVs are not only invested in quality, durability, and applications but also refined in the quality of visual display and TV’s design to luxury and trendy.

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Ultra-Sharp Picture

We using Picture Wizards II Technology into tv screen to increase sharper display.

Lively sound

You usually enjoy music, movies or on Star Movies, HBO, Animax, Youtube … ?!
With UBC TV you do not need to be equipped with additional speakers, but still be able to enjoy your favorite music or live movies with surround sound combining large speaker capacity.

Integrating Digital terrestrial television (DVB-T2)

UBC TV integrates DVB-T2 that help you can watch favorite channels for free.
In addition, you can watch TV with a much stronger signal quality than Analog signals, even in bad weather conditions.

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For young people, the Android operating system is so familiar. However, for a slightly older consumer, getting used to these new applications is a problem. Understanding that need, UBC TV engineers have researched and optimized the interface to make the TV the most convenient and still fully meet the basic features of a Smart TV.
Especially, for UBC Smart Premium TV series, it has integrated voice control feature, making searching and switching channels more convenient and easier for users.

Producing about UBC Viet Nam Company